7 Facts about Tokyo Revengers

7 Stunning Facts About Tokyo Revengers You Didn’t Know

From a stunning opening song to tons of records created, Tokyo Revengers gives you a hundred reasons to love it. After all, it is more than a tale of Takemichi Hanagai. This anime show blends all the emotions, including comedy, thriller, action, and whatnot. Well, the best part is a pool of anime enthusiasts reading this post. 

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We Will Discuss Seven Stunning Facts About Your Favorite Series.

We know no fan ever would skip this post, so we better get going. 

1. The Series Bagged Kodansha Manga Award

The Weekly Shonen Jump has been serializing the manga for your favorite anime, Tokyo Avengers, since 2017. It caught all the attention of its fans, and its plot and illustrations are the obvious reason behind that. The credit for all of it goes to Ken Wakui. 

Now, as the sub-heading states, the anime was honored with something more than that. In 2020, Tokyo Revengers attained an accolade during the 44th Kodansha Manga Award. It was awarded as the Best Shonen Manga. This also helped boost the sales of up to 17 million copies.

2. Draken Was Played By Two Different Voice Artists

Tatsuhisa Suzuki, known for his work in Free, Gintama, and Kuroko’s Basketball, is behind the voice of Draken in Tokyo Revengers. However, as season one came to an end, Suzuki chose to take a break from all professional activities. 

When season two started, Masaya Fukunishi came in to play the role of Draken. The voice artist had played in Blue Period and Haikyuu. Your favorite anime, Tokyo Revengers, stood out differently for him.

3. Somehow Like Isekai Anime But Not One

While or after watching it, you might think that it is an Isekai Anime. But that is not the case, and we will tell you why. An Isekai anime refers to a fantasy involving some characters reaching another world. 

In the case of this anime, when Takemichi got in front of a coming train, that was a time travel encounter. However, this series does not involve traveling to another world, it was just another time. So, here is- all the difference. 

4. The Story Can Remind You Of ‘Erased’

Imagine there is a series that can remind you of one that you are already fond of. Well, that is somehow the case with this anime, Tokyo Revengers. Its story can remind you of Erased, a 2016-based series.

Let us tell you why everybody loves Erased. It caught all the attention because of its plot and Satoru Fujinuma, the main lead. He went back in time to protect his friends from their death.

5. The Tokyo Manji Group is Similar to a Motorbike Gang

Okay, let us talk about Tokyo Revenger’s Toman, it is a group of wrongdoers from middle school. However, it is well-organized, just like any motorbike gang. It has a gang leader then there is a vice leader. There are 25 members divided into 5 teams of 5 members. 

Dear fans, you must know that Mikey, also known as Manjiro Sano, led the gang. They all believe in protecting each other’s interests at any possible cost. Later on, it turned out to be a crime organization. 

6. Tokyo Revengers Has The Same Anime Studio As Berserk

After watching an episode of your favorite series, did you ever wonder how they make it so beautiful? Tokyo Revengers, for sure, can make you think so. We mean, look at its color, attention to detail, and even the character design, everything is so perfect.

The credits for the series’ production go to Liden Films, which is an amazing animation studio. The studio also holds the credit for several other series, such as Code Black, Cells at Work, and Berserk- the one that caught your attention. 

7. Draken’s Name….It Is More Than Beautiful

You might wonder how beautiful Draken’s complete name sounds, but there is more to it. The name is not just good, but it also suits him well. If we break it down further, you will be astonished to see what it means. 

In Japanese, Ken refers to firm or hard, which metaphorically suits its character well. His surname refers to Ryu- dragon, gu, and ji- temple or place. So, as Draken is powerful, just like a dragon, he only uncovers his power when in need, not unnecessarily. 

Calling it a Wrap!

Well, that’s it for now, readers! It’s time we call this blog post a wrap. Here, you learned seven facts about the anime series- Tokyo Revengers. We also informed you how to shop for keepsakes for your favorite anime series. You can check out the collection in anime stores in Chandigarh and own the stunning posters and merchandise reminding you of your Tokyo Revengers. Sell your art on Indian Weeb. Hurry up!

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